Day 2 Detox

Yikes! This is hard. No sugar, no grains, no starches (like potatoes), no dairy. Fruits like bananas, apples, oranges are out. A complete upheaval of our daily diet. But I can do all that, if I wouldn’t have to put up with withdrawal. Yes, the withdrawal from sugar is hard. One starts the day OK, but by lunch one is feeling ‘off’, then by afternoon the headache kicks in and one doesn’t feel like eating but you have to eat before you go to bed or the temptation to snack will be pretty high.

Day 2 started with a ‘Dr. Hyman’s Whole-Food Protein Shake’ which consisted of frozen blueberries, cranberries, lemon juice, almond butter, pumpkin, chia, and hemp seeds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, avocado, coconut butter, almond milk and water. Amani found a ‘Nutri-Bullet’ mini blender on FB marketplace and we are using it every day now. I am now having smoothies every morning to begin my day.

We looked at the options for lunch and, between feeling that slight nausea and nothing appealing, we made our own lunch within acceptable parameters. Eggs are fine in the Doc’s world so Wanda had two boiled eggs and I had two scrambled eggs with onion, garlic, pepper and some left over salmon. A good lunch with familiar foods!

But the afternoon descended into difficulty. Low energy, feeling off kilter, with background head aching and nausea. Not enough to proclaim oneself sick, but not enough to do anything. Yet I did get out and help Radj buy a car. He needed transportation to a couple of small time car dealerships so I drove him up to Lakeshore Motors in Waterloo and Auto Smarto in Kitchener on Manitou, in other words all around. In the end he bought a car at the latter. And even though I wasn’t chatty and energetic, I think the activity helped me feel less crappy. A small lesson there, be active if you can.

Supper was grilled chicken with a ratatouille of fresh zucchini, tomatoes (from our garden), peppers, onions, garlic, steamed broccoli and all manner of herbs and spices. That meal saved the day for me and the Doc’s plans. I miss potatoes or rice or bread in a meal but I keep telling myself that I want to see how this experiment changes me, how it makes me feel and, yes, if I lose weight.

Bath time follows. To draw water for a bath every night is a challenge for me. I’m not a bath person but if it helps leach out toxins from my body, I’m all in for 10 days. So 2 cups of Epsom salts, 1/2 cup of baking soda, 10 drops of lavender liquid and very warm water, to the point I am not comfortable getting in. But 20 minutes later I’m done. Last night I followed the bath up with a quick shower to rinse myself further. Which helped me sleep better. That, and cooler temps outside and putting flannel sheets on the bed. I slept pretty well overall.

So how was your day?


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