Day 4 Detox

I’m writing from Day 5 so we’ll at the half way point and believe me, Wanda & I are looking forward to the end. But it feels like we’re in the middle of a hard slog. This is the half way point and so we measured ourselves this morning. So I have lost an inch from my waist (around the belly button) and an inch off my hip area (where my jeans hang) and today 5 pounds less than when I started (don’t know the discrepancy from yesterday, maybe all the steak from last night). We’re still drinking over 60 ounces of water daily (20 ounces at each meal plus other times) and taking those PGX pills. I can tell they have had an effect but I’m not planning to take those horse pills after the 10 days. At least not 2 a meal!

Yesterday was a pick me up. Thanks to Mark, Louise and Don for joining us for our ‘Bunch for Lunch’. I spent the morning making Dr. Hyman’s ‘Beef Chili’ soup recipe. It’s a chili recipe with no beans. As with any first time try, one worries about how it will turn out. By all accounts, good. It had good chili flavour. The recipe called for beef chunks but that worked out as well. And the gang was very encouraging. Wanda & I still weren’t feeling right yet and there was talk about cancelling. But we needed that. Friends who hung out and encouraged us. Still, there was City Cafe bread on the table with butter and homemade jam from Mark & Rachel and Niagara grapes courtesy of Louise. Wanda & I didn’t partake and were fine those fine foods were on the table. But I admit feeling tempted. I can understand folks with addictions much better. Like the AA person who sits at a table where everyone else orders an alcoholic beverage, and he orders water. Yep, mind over matter . . .

That was the high point of the day and it took more out of me than I knew. I was tired but had to go out again to help our friend Radj finalize the sale of his car. I took Radj to the Kindred Credit Union to get a bank draft and we took it to Auto Smarto where he took possession on a 2010 Chevy Malibu. Then, each in our own vehicle, we went to a gas station so I could show him out to get gas. I was feeling pretty tired and cold coming home but in some ways it took my mind off the other detox symptoms. And that’s a good thing.

Supper was veggies in the oven and steak on the grill. Not a specific recipe from the Doc but approved by him nonetheless (in his book). Abby (home for the weekend), Wanda & I split a T-bone steak. We only get one steak in the week and that was it. But it was a good change of pace from chicken or salmon every other day. I like both but it’s getting old.

And once again, a hot detox bath. As I thought about the day I tried to gauge if I feel better. Maybe just a bit, still have the lingering edge of a headache, and achiness and off and on nausea, but day 4 is over and there should be a sea change coming. Dr. Hyman says that by Day 5 people start to feel better and it only gets better after that.


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