Day 6 Detox

“Oh no! I have to eat bread!” That was the first thing that popped into my mind on Sunday morning sitting in the Wilmot Mennonite Church. It was World Communion Sunday and I realized I would be breaking my 10 Day Detox diet by having bread and juice. I had to make a choice between 2 principles; breaking my ‘fast’ or not communing with the congregation and Christians around the world. I broke my fast and enjoyed the bread and juice (physically and spiritually!).

The Detox hangover was still there yesterday, but it was milder. Still feeling some nausea around mealtime, mostly after taking the pills. Breakfast was the usual smoothie and lunch was a veggie mix with two eggs scrambled. But by supper time I was hungry and depressed. I realized that we change our eating on weekends. Instead of 3 planned meals we often eat ‘informally’ on Saturday and Sunday evening. Often popcorn or cereal or order a pizza. But none of those were an option this weekend and I found myself being frustrated and looking longingly at other food for the first time. I knew I would succumb if I didn’t do something so I made another omelet with 2 more eggs, veggies and meat. It’s not what I usually have but it was sufficient. Still as we watched evening TV, it was hard not to want to get up and pop some popcorn!

I was doing fine overall yesterday but my grumpy mood over the Detox diet spilled over to the daily detox bath. I skipped it last night. I’ll get back into the rhythm again today, both with meals and with the bath. After all, we’re on Day 7 and getting closer to the end. I’m actually looking forward to the blood test on Friday morning! That will officially mark the end of our 10 Day Detox. I have to fast to take the test, no food after the evening meal and no breakfast smoothie.

Morning addendum; the detox hangover has seemed to go away. Hope it stays away. Wait and see . . .


6 thoughts on “Day 6 Detox

  1. Jeni Umble

    I find myself looking for these updates before reading anything else! Hang in there! Also wondering how Wanda is coping. My specific questions for her are about working and detox. If it’s so difficult for you, Doug, how is she handling her work responsibilities? Can she focus? Is she able to be a pastoral presence when she feels ill? She may not want her story shared and I honor that. Just wondering.

    1. dougamstutz Post author

      Hey Jeni, thanks for following! Good to know there are a ‘cloud of witnesses’ out there! Wanda is thinking about sharing on this blogsite so you might see something in the next couple of days.

  2. Kenneth Couch

    Doug and Wanda –
    Congratulations thus far in continuing with the good doctor’s program. At this juncture, y’all are more than half way to the finish line … 🏁!

    My question is, what is your plan, on program completion? How do you envision doing your relationship to food – the daily diet – differently from that day forward, to health ?

    Bravo, and Love,


    1. dougamstutz Post author

      Hey Kenneth, I’ll be addressing that in a future blog entry. There is a chapter in Dr. Hyman’s book that talks about ‘after the detox’. Hey, see you soon!

      1. Kenneth Couch

        Yes, Doug! Time in Indiannopolis will be great. Also, congratulations your progress. I’m glad to hear you’re beginning to feel better!


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