Day 7 Detox

Monday was a ‘back to normal’ day. I started the day with a chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Craig Bauman does a great job of doing that and I find it very helpful. Back home, I tried a new smoothie; strawberry-almond-coconut and really liked it so that will be one of my ‘go-to’ smoothies in the future. For lunch, we chose a chicken vegetable soup that Wanda made. I made sure there was lots of spinach and I tolerated the celery (we both agreed to venture into new territory by allowing fish (no-no for Wanda) and celery (a noxious weed to me) to be used in our household). I got back on track with an epsom salt bath in the late afternoon. I admit it feels good once you get out but I am still not doing well with the ‘zen’ thing of relaxing in the bathtub for 20-30 minutes. I mark success if I manage 15-20 minutes. For supper Wanda made tofu stir fry which was good but we both missed having rice with it. Still it got the job done and Amani liked it as well.

It was a full day of Scrabble, errands (to Costco and beyond), and watching sports and politics. All four MLB playoff games were on, plus in the evening the Maple Leafs playing hockey and the Cleveland Browns playing football. Sorry to say it wasn’t a great night for either but at least the Leafs put up a fight before losing. Can’t say the same about the Charlie Browns. And there was the Canadian leaders debate which really was more heat than light. Everyone trying to score quick points and make great soundbites. Nothing substantive. Most of us saw that coming. Still there was some entertainment value to it.

I am going to write about my body and bodily functions. Skip this if it feels like TMI (too much information). Dr. Hyman wants people to measure, observe and record everything in the 10 days so you can compare to the baseline one makes at the beginning. And that is helpful. So here goes;

How does my body feel? Better, lighter. Happily, at this point, the detox hangover is now gone. I just weighed myself and have lost 8 pounds and holding. I would like to lose a total of 20 pounds but that is obviously a long term project. I lost an inch around the stomach and waist. Yesterday I could feel my jeans slipping, riding lower and lower before I hitched them up. So that’s good and bad. Guess I’ll have to use a belt. After a very slow start, I’ve begun to now feel energy. I still take a siesta but could now skip it and probably not miss it for a day (siestas are known to be good for us, for long term health). One of the biggest changes has been how often I have to urinate. When one drinks over 60 oz. of water daily when not having done so previously, suddenly the bladder makes demands at all hours (additional overnight trips). For a 58 year old man, the urge to ‘piss like a racehorse’ is a real change. But I keep telling myself it is taking toxins out of my body. And then there are the BM’s (bowel movements). The PGX pills and all the water have definitely changed my BM’s. From several a day to just once. And perhaps I am eating smaller portions because there is less on the other side. The warning from the good doc was there might be constipation for those who take the pills and drink the water and follow the diet. I’m not feeling it, I don’t think so anyways. I would say that my gut has gotten quieter. My whole body has gotten quieter. I’m not quite sure how to describe it. I’m not a jittery person but internally the ‘jitters’ have been silenced (don’t ask me to explain that either). So more of one and less of the other and overall a good change.

We’re into day 8 and to quote that old Chicago song, Feeling Stronger Every Day . . .


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