Day 8 Detox

I am in alot of pain as I write this. It has nothing to do with the 10 Day Detox Diet (at least I don’t think so). Yesterday afternoon (of Day 8) I was casually turning right to put my computer down and a sharp pain exploded in my lower back. Almost dropped the computer. I took a hot bath and downed 2 ibuprofen. It may have lessened the pain but didn’t go away. This morning I woke up stiff and sore and the pain has remained. I’ll try to get out and walk because I suspect it might help loosen it up. But I’m bent over.

Otherwise Day 8 went fine. I had my usual morning smoothie, we had a crustless asparagus quiche which tasted fine and Tuscan Chicken Cacciatori for supper. I was hungry for both meals and even though I ate less than I usually might, the filled me up and the PGX kept me feeling full.

Crustless asparagus quiche

We’re still on the straight and narrow. Sure glad we’ll be ‘free’ for Thanksgiving weekend!


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