Finished! Day 10 Detox and Day 11 thoughts

The fast is finished, the blood work is done, the 10 Day Detox Diet is now behind us. I started this weighing in a 222 lbs./ 100 kg (I hear those gasps) and in 10 days lost 10 pounds to end at 212 lbs./ 96 kg. My goal/ dream is to get to 200 lbs./ 90.7 kg someday, but I won’t be doing another 10 days of this diet. I also lost a couple of inches around my waist and hips and Sophia thought also around my chest. Do I look different? Amani said she couldn’t tell but she is living with us so that makes it harder. But Sophia hadn’t been around since we started and thought we both looked like we lost weight (Wanda lost 10 pounds too). I do find my jeans/ pants start riding lower as I walk, so I’ll be using a belt more.

All that is great news. And to add to that, the Logan & Cove mattress we ordered online arrived yesterday so we slept on our new mattress last night. Compared to the uber-softness of our 23 year old mattress and the topper, this one was firm but comfortable. It will take some getting used to but we both reported sleeping well. A good mattress contributes to a good night’s sleep which contributes to one’s health in the long run so add this to our recent health drive list of things we are doing.

Wanda & I are both glad we did the 10 Day Detox Diet and grateful not to have to continue on those stringent guidelines. Will we continue to use the diet? Yes and no. We will continue to use recipes from his book and follow him online for advice. I will cut back on sugar and be more vigilant about food but we will integrate some things we’ve been missing. Dr. Hyman writes a chapter, ‘After the Detox’ which he says, congratulations, you now have an idea what it takes. The program is a small taste of what is possible. He offers three post programs called Super Advanced Plan (looks like for those who are seriously ill with diabetes or heart disease or obese), the Advanced Plan (a step down) or the Basic Plan (which looks like it is for relatively healthy people). We might look at the Basic Plan which allows for beans and grains. I will have to diverge from him on dairy and coffee, but hopefully using less.

I had a smoothie when I came home but for lunch Wanda & I are going out to Anna Mae’s Restaurant to celebrate ( ) where Wanda plans to order their famous broasted chicken and I’ll order a Thanksgiving turkey meal. And we’ll be buying their excellent pies (pumpkin and pecan) for our Sunday Thanksgiving dinner when all our daughters and their boyfriends and Wanda’s Mom will gather around our table to enjoy in thanksgiving the abundance we have.

But for today we are feeling good and ready to re-balance our diet. Thanks to all our friends and family for reading this blog and supporting us during this time. I’ll probably continue with this blog, including a follow up report on how we’re doing and what we’re eating in the near future. But I will likely branch out and blog about other things as well. To all our Canadian friends and family, Happy Thanksgiving!


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