Post-Detox Day

In case you’re wondering how the day went yesterday, well let me tell you! As I mentioned in the last blog, it started well with us getting our blood tested and then breaking our fasts (I had my smoothie). We headed out to do some errands with the goal of eating at Anna Mae’s Restaurant in Millbank. We stopped first to do a little business at the Canadian Mennonite office and saw our friend Ginny Hostetler, who is the editor. Then onto Martins Orchard where we bought apples and apple cider. If I have a craving for sugar, I can reach for an apple (or another fruit).

We made it to Millbank just before noon and found a very busy restaurant. We bought the pies we wanted (pumpkin and pecan) and waited in queue. We were pressed for time (our car had a service appointment at 1 p.m.) and thought about leaving, but we had anticipated this all week long. The thought of a Thanksgiving turkey dinner (turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, dressing, cranberry sauce, dinner roll for me) and an Anna Mae’s chicken dinner (broasted chicken, mixed vegetables, cole slaw for Wanda) kept us focused on our goal. So we stayed.

And it was delicious. We enjoyed every bite. Then we headed out and on with our errands. But as the day wore on, my GI system started to bark at me. It was no longer quiet like the previous 10 days but acting up. Was it the dinner roll or cranberry sauce with sugar in it? Was it the mashed potatoes or dressing? Surely not the turkey or peas. Maybe it was the amount, I hadn’t eaten that big a meal since we started. At any rate, my body was definitely noticing a change in diet. Wanda too. So we didn’t prepare anything for supper.

Trouble was, we were planning to go to Cassel’s outdoor campfire evening where there was to be a hot dog roast and kettle popcorn. I was going to resist but in the end I had a couple of bags of popcorn and a hotdog. So take that, GI tract! We had a good time but it’s clear that my gut was not prepared to go back to the old diet yet. So this morning I had another smoothie instead of bacon and eggs. We’ll keep working on this hybrid diet.


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