Happy New Year

My of my New Year Resolutions is to blog. I’m not sure what defines a blog. Is it a journal? Is it a diary? All the above? It is obviously not private since I am posting it on the internet. Journals and diaries were private back in the day. Sometimes the person even demanded they be burned upon their death. We’re in a different time and space as a society. I’m not quite sure I want to be ‘all out there’ like my daughters’ generation but I must want someone to read this, or else I wouldn’t start this blog post. 

It will be for myself that I write but also for friends and family. A small circle. I am also aware that anything I post can (and maybe will) be used against me in the court of public opinion. So lets just get this out there, I am a follower of Christ (OK, a Christian, although that term is fraught with meaning in North America, not all good), I am a progressive/ liberal to the point of wishing there were strong Green parties in Canada and the U.S.

Let’s see; religion and politics. Yep, that should stir the pot. But because I am aware I will also not post every inner thought here. Hopefully I will think before I write (just as I have spent a lifetime to learn to think before I speak; Still working on that). 

2014 seems to me a be a good time to start. There. I’ve begun.


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