Detox Day 1

Here we go . . .

Day 1 is done. Well that was fun (he says, tongue-in-cheek). So far no sugar for 24 hours. The body was in rebellion. We started off with lots of water, vitamins and a PGX pill. If you don’t know what a PGX pill is, think of metamucil on steroids. The Doc says it adds fiber, slows down the digestive system so you feel full even if you are eating less. One is supposed to take 2 or 3 each meal but we started with just 1 per meal. Good thing. The downside is that they are binding. All I can say is they have certainly changed my digestive system in 24 hours (along with the diet). To counteract potential constipation we’re to drink water, alot of water. So I’m drinking more than 60 oz. daily, usually swigging 20 oz. at a time for the pills I’m taking. That’s alot more peeing.

So we started the morning with an almond and strawberry smoothie. That was good. But my taste buds missed the sugar rush, it was ‘bland’ by comparison to what I normally have (OJ gives you that shot of sugar). But I didn’t mind it.  The morning was fine, as I wasn’t too hungry. Lunch was Kale and Red Cabbage Slaw with Turkey Meatballs. It didn’t sound filling but we dutifully followed the directions and baked the meatballs and ate them with the slaw. Surprisingly tasty! And with the PGX and water, I felt fine. Then we headed out to watch the matinee showing of Downton Abbey on the big screen. I took along pistachio and pumpkin seeds for my go-to munchies. I probably ate too many because after a while my stomach was unsettled.

By the time the film was over I was fighting a headache. Wanda had had one at the noon hour. Withdrawal symptoms. The rest of the afternoon was no fun. Slight nausea, dizziness, growing headache. I took ibuprofen but didn’t seem to make a dent. And it made for a lack of hunger. We needed to make supper but no one wanted to. But Amani came home from work so we had to. 

Supper was Grilled Salmon with Onion Marmalade over Greens. Wanda is not a fan of seafood but she is willing to try salmon since it’s a big plus health food wise. I’m not a fan of celery but will allow it in the house for the duration since it’s also part of the diet. We’re both stretching ourselves. The salmon was good with the onions which was served on a bed of arugula. Again, didn’t seem like much but with the water and PGX, we were satisfied. And we both knew there would be no post supper snacking (unless it is nuts or seeds).

The last part of the day is a detox bath. 2 cups of epsom salts, 1/2 cup of baking soda and 10 drops of lavender into hot running water. The good doctor says this is essential every night for the 10 days. I’m not a bath person, I shower. But for the sake of the experiment I’ll do it. So on a hot and steamy night I drew a hot and steamy bath. If it draws the toxins out of my body then I’ll do it . . . 


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