Day 3 Detox

Three days done. This morning I decided to weigh myself. If nothing had changed, I could live with that, my goal is to make it to day 10 and if I feel better that will be great. Losing pounds would be a happy bonus. I stepped on the digital scale (you need to know that it registers something slightly different each time, so Wanda & I step on 2-3 times and use the median result) and waited . . . 8 pounds less. That’s not right. Try again. 8+ pounds less. Wow. That’s a good feeling. Hopefully it is coming off my belly fat. A good weigh to start the day!

And I needed it after yesterday. The symptoms continued; slight nausea and headache, listlessness and low energy. Which contributed to feeling sorry for myself. But I still carry on, I’m going to make it to that goal line. Once again I had a smoothie. With lots of water, the PGX and assorted vitamins (at every meal), the smoothie keeps me from feeling hungry. But it doesn’t prevent the feeling of being ‘off’, like a picture hanging at an angle. It’s not quite right.

Creamy cauliflower soup was on the menu for lunch, so I made it. That and a salad plate. Like most of these recipes it was good . . . but probably not something I would make on a regular basis. I do like experimenting with new foods and new tastes and I would never had made this soup without a catalyst (the diet), so hurrah! Most of his recipes, like this one, have olive oil, onions and garlic which I like. This also had cauliflower, cashews, sesame seeds or tahini, avocado all cooked on a stove and then into a blender. A side of cheese would have been nice.

Wanda made supper as I was out again helping Radj with his car purchase (setting up insurance yesterday). She made grilled chicken with steamed broccoli and a salad. Again, it was all good and we’ll have it in the future but would love to add bread and cheese and a glass of wine but alas! not for another week.

And then the evening epsom salts, baking soda and lavender bath. The good doctor recommends one make it a soothing 30 minute session with candles and a good book or just silence. I watch the clock to get to 15 minutes, maybe 20 and playoff baseball is on the tablet. Sorry Doc.

Besides the weight loss, I do feel slightly better today. The wall hanging is slowly being adjusted. Body, heal thyself . . .


1 thought on “Day 3 Detox

  1. beatrix66219

    I am so excited for you to commit to 10 days doing the detox……I am as well a sugar addict! “I am Mennonite and my name is Beatrix Amstutz “👋
    I am at the point that I think attending an AA meeting because my sugar addiction is not any different from being addicted to alcohol, Nikotin, drugs etc.
    A sugar addiction is just socially acceptable….and we have to eat to survive. A very difficult addiction to break.
    Proud of you, you are making good choices.


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